Flood Plain Mapping

Flood Plain Mapping

The Water Resources Authority (WRA) has prepared maps of the flood plains of several rivers in Jamaica, indicating the extent and depth of different sized floods.


Flood plain maps are a development tool.  they serve to guide development around rivers.  Presently, maps have been developed for Yallahs River, Hope River, and a section of the Rio Cobre.  These maps are available at the WRA's document centre.

Flood plain map of the Hope River

To save lives and property

Flooding is a common occurrence in Jamaica and the Water Resources Authority (WRA) is involved in an attempt to institute proactive notification techniques to reduce losses due to the occurrence of floods.  Communities in Jamaica that are prone to flooding are indicated in the map below.

Flood prone communities in Jamaica

Flood Damage Assessment

One assessment of the damage caused by flooding awaits completion for the mapped area of the Rio Cobre.  This attempts to assess the likely damage due to the occurrence of various flood events.  It is expected that this information will be helpfull for insurance considerations.